Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WP7Dev at VBUG Reading (Bracknell)

Last night I went over to VBUG in Reading to talk about getting started with developing for Windows Phone 7. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and everyone said the talk was interesting and useful.

As ever there were lots of questions, which I consider a good thing as it means people are getting the information they want. (Assuming that I could answer them all - which I managed yesterday!)

There were a few requests for information which I said I'd help point people towards. As such, here are:

My slides:

(most of) My demo code:

A comparison of currently available phones:

The new Push Notification Service helpers:

MSDN docs:

A great place to ask any questions:

If anyone is interested I'll also be giving a very similar talk at the Canary Wharf Dot Net User Group on Feb 2nd. Details at:


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