Things I've created to help with software development.

Visual Studio Extensions

If you use Visual Studio for developing software, I have developed a few tools that may be useful to you.


  • C# Inline Color Vizualizer - See samples of the colors you use within your C# code.
  • Clearly Editable - Change the editor background color to show which documents can't or shouldn't be edited.
  • Collapse Comments - Adds a command to collapse code comments in a file.
  • Comment Links - Create links in comments between any file in the solution
  • Const Visualizer - View the value of constants inline when they're used in code.
  • Demo Snippets - A way to easily add the contents of *.demosnippets files to the Toolbox.
  • Don't Copy Always - Check for files that have 'Copy to output directory' set to 'Copy always'.
  • Error Helper - Helper for using the ErrorList Description.
  • MAUI App Accelerator -  Accelerate the creation of new .NET MAUI apps using a wizard-based UI.
  • Resource Pseudo Localizer - Quickly and easily convert the values in RESX and RESW files to their pseudo localized versions to detect any text that doesn't come from a resource file.
  • Sign VSIX - Adds the ability to sign a VSIX package from within Visual Studio 2019.
  • String Resource Visualizer - View the text of string resources (.resx) inline when they're used in code.
  • VSConsole - See selected Console output in a Visual Studio window.
  • Warn About TODOs - Displays compiler warnings for TODO notes in comments.
  • WaterMark - Add a configurable watermark to the editor.


  • Always Use - Automatically add using directives to open C# files.
  • Get Live XAML Info - Export details from the Live XAML Tree and Live XAML Property editor.
  • Pro XAML Toolbox - An approach to the faster creation of XAML code in .NET MAUI projects.
  • Show Keys - Show the default keyboard shortcuts on-screen when common commands are invoked.
  • Show Selection - Show editor selection points in the view.
  • XAML Style Types - Create types (classes) from explicitly defined XAML Styles.


  • Rapid XAML Toolkit - Tools to accelerate XAML app development.
  • .NET MAUI Essentials - A collection of Visual Studio extensions to help with .NET MAUI development
  • UWP Essentials - The easiest way to set up Visual Studio for the ultimate UWP development experience.