Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Every Developer Should Know ... no more

I had this grand idea for blogging. I'd blog about all those things that it amazes me that other developers don't know.  The things that I thought every developer should know, but, it seems so many don't.

In amongst some other grander ideas it was also intended to encourage me to blog more and more frequently.

Unfortunately having 'another blog' didn't motivated me to blog more frequently, it just became an extra pressure.  It therefore seemed an excellent candidate for things to face the cut when I decided to rationalise what I spend my time on.

Until the domain expires it will point here and the original posts are at

I've also imported most of the posts into this blog ( Hopefully I finish some of the draft posts too. - Perhaps.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DDD South West

Last weekend I attended DDD South West.  It was a really good day and I recommend it to anyone.

I once again took the opportunity to give a grok talk on Mobile Web 2.0 and MDBF. The slides from this can be seen below.
Again this talk was well received and I had lots of positive feedback.

Here's a few pics from the day:

Quite a venue.
Guy looking like he's talking to an empty room

He wasn't!

Some people enjoying the sunshine in a break.

crowds for snacks

Cream teas in the afternoon!

The main room

More people relaxing outside

Another of the rooms.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

All Keepers No Fluff

Check out:

A few highlights:

14. Avoid spending time with clients who are going to become a bad commercial for your business.

27. Be willing to walk away from a sale today.

32. Believe what you believe because you believe, not because you were taught to believe and then mindless followed.

34. Bridge the gap that exists between you and your potential audience.

37. Build things worth noticing right into your product or service.

46. Constantly get better at doing what you do.

54. Create from the soul, not from what the marketplace wants.

56. Create products people can stumble upon, obsess over, fall in love with, become addicted to and tell their friends about.

57. Create something critics will criticize.

58. Creating things worth demo-ing.

80. Enable your customers to do your marketing for you.

94. Get customers to come back to your website just to see what you’ve been up to.

176. Read every book ever written on your area of expertise.

195. Spend more time educating potential customers on the benefits of your service and not telling them why you are better than the competition.

197. Stay away from convenient tasks that delude you into thinking that you’re actually accomplishing something.

202. Stop doing things that don’t need to be done by anyone.

203. Stop draining all your energy getting something that is worthless.

209. Strengthen the relationships with your biggest fans.

DDD Scotland - Grok Talk

I gave my first Grok Talk at DDD Scotland. It went very well and I had positive feedback. I was very pushed for time so will have to try and shorten it to better fir the available time at DDD South West.

In all I was trying to get 2 points across:
  1. You shouldn't ignore the Mobile Web - because it's the future.
  2. Microsoft have recently released a new tool to help develop for the variety of devices/browsers used to access the web when mobile -