Friday, July 01, 2022

Laughter and creativity - Peter Pendleton Eckersley

It cannot be more sufficiently emphasized that, that pioneer adventure was born in laughter, was nurtured in laughter, and died in laughter.

And I want to believe that if only people would see their jobs; if only people would see their lives in terms of its humor, of its excitement, and that a job well done deserves laughter.

Not the solemnity of the pompous administrator on top of it.

If we could only see that the thing that we do is a God-given thing, for heaven's sake,  because it's creative and it's fun and it's exciting.

Then, I think, all these certificates, all these rules, all these rather dull regulations might be seen to be unnecessary.

Peter Pendelton Eckersley - on the bureaucracy that came at the start of the BBC