I'm Matt Lacey.

I first created software for a mobile device while at school in the '90s and have been doing it professionally since 2000.

In that time, I've created native, hybrid, and web-based solutions that work on numerous devices and operating systems.

Through my work as a mobile development consultant, I've helped companies of all sizes with the strategy, planning, and implementation of their mobile development solutions.

Companies I've helped include global credit card companies, social networks, money transfer services, banks, movies download services, TV broadcasters, music streaming services, news agencies, sports companies, travel companies, device manufacturers, and many more.

Through my work with these companies, I've worked on a wide variety of software, including apps that have been installed on over 500,000,000 devices.

Before becoming a consultant, I worked for a variety of companies, including startups, consultancies, ISVs, and enterprise IT departments.

I'm also a community leader, Microsoft MVP in Windows Development, and Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer who likes to help people learn to create better apps both online and through meetings in real life.

I've written three books and am also available for hire if you have a project that you think I can help with.

I can be contacted via: matt [at] mrlacey [.] com