Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Win phones for getting your PhoneGap app running on Windows Phone

Built an app with PhoneGap? If so you could win a phone and a Surface if you also release it for Windows Phone.

Just head on over to http://www.phonegapwpchallenge.com/ for more information.

Almost 3 years ago I made the first port of PhoneGap to support Windows Phone. I know it's a popular subject as it's the most popular subject here on my blog. Since then PhoneGap has taken on that code and and incorporated Windows Phone (7 & 8) as an officially supported platform and Microsoft have helped too.
While there have been a number of apps built with PhoneGap so far but it'd be great to see a lot more there. Afterall, that's why I did all that work in the first place.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Want to build an app, but don't know what?

I've spoken with a number of people recently who want to build an[other] app but they don't know what.

Does this sound like you?

If so, check out IdeasProject.

IdeasProject is an online global community of people who have a passion for brainstorming and creating innovation. The community enables the exchange of ideas among mobile enthusiasts, designers, developers and incubators. IdeasProject is based on co-creation through Open Innovation and has delivered consumer inspired applications and mobile technologies.

What that means is it's a place where people with ideas go when they want help to help with developing an app.

If you're stuck for ideas it could be just the palce for you.

Also, if you're a member of DVLUP then some of the suggestions from IdeasProject become challenges there, which can help you earn extra XP which in turn can be exchanged for "fabulous" goodies.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Champions, Ambassadors and MVPs

Nokia and Microsoft use these titles to identify certain people and reward certain community members. Quite what the different terms mean can be confusing though. Let me clarify.

Nokia Developer Champion
Someone who does not work for Nokia but is recognised by them as an exceptional member of the developer community.

Nokia Developer Ambassador
Someone who works (usually part-time) for Nokia with a responsibility for helping people create apps.

Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP)
Someone who does not work for Microsoft but is recognised by them as an exceptional member of the developer community

Microsoft Windows Phone Champion
Originally this term referred to people who work for Microsoft who could serve as a point of contact for people wanting help with Windows Phone development. This term is also now includes Windows Phone developer MVPs too.

I hope that's clear now.