Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Videos & Podcasts

There is currently lots of confusion and uncertaintyaround Windows Phone 7 but there is also a lot of information on the web. In an attempt to try and help make some of it more discoverable, here's a collection of podcasts and videos.

.NET Rocks
Charlie Kindel on Windows Phone 7
Daniel Egan talks Windows Phone 7 Live at Launch
Brandon Watson Live in Atlanta

Hansel minutes
Windows Phone 7 Series - The Developer Experience with Charlie Kindel
Charles Petzold on Windows Phone 7 Series

Zune Insider
Windows Phone 7 Deep-Dive

MIX '10

Channel 9 (lots!)

Creating and using the Application Bar w/ Windows Phone 7
Understanding Navigation on Windows Phone 7

YouTube (official channel)

IndyTechFest - Windows Phone 7 XNA 05/22/10

Windows Phone 7 in 7!

MSDN Bytes
Charlie Kindel interview

UK TechDays
here (via Mike Taulty) & here (select Developer days > Friday)

Windows Phone 7 Backstage
Past (recorded) events

Charlie Kindel interview - part 1 & part 2

If you know of any others please link them up in the comments.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Notes: Tap is the new click

We're using bodies evolved for hunting, gathering, and gratuitous violence for information age tasks like word processing and spreadsheet tweaking.
—David Liddle

Gesture: any physical movement that can be sensed and responded to by a digital system without the aid of a traditional input device such as a mouse or stylus.
—Dan Saffer

Avoid putting essential features or information like a label below an interface element that can be touched, as it may become hidden by the user’s own hand.
—Dan Saffer

The complexity of the gesture should match the complexity of the task at hand.
—Dan Saffer

The best designs are those that “dissolve into behavior.”

—Naoto Fukasawa

The best, most natural designs, then, are those that match the behavior of the system to the gesture humans might already do to enable that behavior.

—Dan Saffer

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP - Upgrade Warning

Oh, a nice little upgrade incompatibility (breaking change) warning from the new version of the Windows Phone 7 Developer tools CTP.

Surely that should be: "...created by a previous..."

The XML change:


Note that it's WMAppManifest.xml not WPAppManifest.xml - Another internal reference to "Mobile" rather than "Phone" still hanging around?