Monday, February 26, 2024

Before you "add AI" to your software...

Is your software amazing?

Are there no usability issues?

Do the people using your software never have problems?

Are there "niggly" little issues that can be frustrating but have never been given enough priority to actually be fixed?

Do these things annoy, frustrate, disappoint, upset, or turn off users?

If your software (app/website/whatever) can't get the basics right, it might be tempting to "add AI" (in whatever form) to your app but the hype may not be worth it.

Yes, AI is powerful and can do amazing things, but if the people using your software see you failing to get the basics working correctly, how will they feel when you add more sophisticated features?

If you've demonstrated a failure to do simple things, will they trust you to do it he complex things correctly?

Especially if you can't explain how the new feature works or directly control it?

I'm not saying don't use AI. I'm asking that if you demonstrate to your customers that you can't do simpler things without issue, should you really be doing more complex things?


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