Thursday, May 03, 2018

Personal mission statement

I've been thinking about creating a personal mission statement. Something that simply and clearly sets a guide for what I (want to) work on.
I've come up with this.

Help people create better software.

I think there are two aspects to this: Education and Tooling.

People can't make better software if they don't know what makes better software or how to create it.
I'll do this by providing resources in the form of books, articles, etc.

Creating/providing tooling that can help create better software will make it easier and faster for people to do so.

What do I mean by "better"?

- Easier to learn
- Easier to use
- Easier to support
- Usable by more people
- Fast
- Reliable
- Robust
- Secure
- more ...

Some practicalities
- I can't help everyone.
- I'll focus (at least initially) on areas where I have specific knowledge and opportunities.

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