Tuesday, December 08, 2015

How do you test your Windows Apps?

Checklist Chalkboard

When you're testing your apps, how do you do it?
Do you rely on yourself and your memory of things you should be testing or testing for?
Or have you created your own checklist?
If you have created one, how do you know it's complete?
Or if you haven't, where would you begin creating one?

Whatever you situation, the App Quality Alliance are here to help you. They recently (the end of November) released two documents specifically designed to help anyone testing Windows apps.

Baseline Testing Criteria for Windows Applications

Accessibility Testing Criteria for Windows Applications

Whatever your experience with app development, testing, and/or windows there should be something in here for everyone, to help you be confident you're releasing high quality applications.

Gratuitous self-promotion: I served as the technical reviewer for these documents.


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