Wednesday, August 05, 2015

How important is the color of an app icon?

So, someone is viewing your app in the store. How much effort do you put into optimizing what they see?
What about the colour of the app icon?

I have an app I use for demos, experiments and the like. It's called PhoneBook.

It has a bright pink icon.

The reason it had such a coloured icon was to try and make it stand out. There are aren't a lot of apps with pink icons:

So, earlier this year, I decided to do an experiment to see what impact changing the icon colour would have on downloads. I didn't change anything else in the app or store description or do any other promotion. I just tried different colour icons to see what impact it would have on organic downloads.

I tried six other colours to see what impact they would have and ran with each colour for seven days.

I had my suspicions about which would be positive and which would have a negative impact on downloads.

Before you scroll down any further, which colours do you think would increase, and which would decrease downloads.

Have you made a guess?

Here's what happened:

Compared with the last week in pink, just changing the color of the icon of the app in the store saw downloads increase by 23% or decrease by 19%.

What colour do you use for your app icon?
Have you explored what the difference might be if you changed the colour of it?
It might be worth the change. But you won't know if you don't try.


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