Monday, March 09, 2015

Native API usage from Windows 10 web apps

When Microsoft demoed the packaging of web sites at MWC last week, I noticed an interesting thing. The demo was hosted on a public website:

As all the logic for the extra new functionality exists on the web server (in the javascript served with the page), I wondered if this was public also. They may have been detecting appropriate user agents and only serving the functionality to devices which can use it.
It turns out they weren't and examples of the new API usage exists (minified) at

Through the help of I was able to tidy this up a bit and find some examples of things that can be done. And yes, they look a lot like WinJS. **Disclaimer** this is all pre-release and so may change. I only know what was said publicly at MWC and what I found looking at the JavaScript on the above public website. If you find anything else interesting in the


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