Monday, December 23, 2013

APP: Phone Book

I'm not normally big on writing utility apps as there are already many written for most, if not all, scenarios you can come up with.
Recently though I was asked, by two different people, how to do something on Windows Phone that wasn't possible and for which an app hadn't already been created to fill the need.

It seems it's common when new to Windows Phone to want to be able to list only those contacts for whom you have a phone number. For many, the fact that the people hub contains so many people (once you've linked all your social networks) can be a little overwhelming and it can be reassuring to see a list of contacts similar to what people had on their old, non-windows phone, device.

This is the app gap I've just filled. I've called it Phone Book.

If you're giving someone their first Windows Phone this Christmas or someone you know gets one and asks about filtering their contacts to be more like what they were used to with their old phone then this app could be just the thing to help them transition to Windows Phone with greater ease and comfort.

If you just want to see the contacts for whom you have a phone number this app lets you.

Here's how I works:
The app is simple and upon starting just loads the people for whom any phone number is known.

Just tap the contact and you'll be asked f you want to call them.

If you have multiple numbers for an individual then you'll be prompted to choose which one to use upon tapping the person's entry.

Get it from the store at:

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