Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In the interest of balance: 101 Reasons Not to Buy A Windows Phone 7.5

I've been alerted by Tomi Ahonen about a list of 101 reasons NOT to buy a Windows Phone 7.5.

My initial response was to roll my eyes but some of it is insightful about how some people are perceiving the platform.
There's a few points I'd disagree with and plenty that are purely criticisms because it's not the same as other devices or platforms.

It seems to have been written by a disappointed (frustrated?) Symbian user.

What I know though is that I like it ;) and only one person I know who's used a WP device didn't like it, compared with many who upgraded from or changed their plans to buy an iPhone after using mine for a short while.

Diversion over, normal developer related content will resume shortly.


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