Tuesday, November 09, 2010

PhoneGap for WP7Dev and the RTM version of the SDK

For anyone interested, I've just pushed a new version of my WP7 PhoneGap implementation up to GitHub.
The code can be found at https://github.com/mrlacey/phonegap-wp7/tree/master/rtm/.

Please note that this doesn't do anything special. It's basically just the old code slightly restructured, with the mobile spec tests removed and using the latest project formatting.The only real difference is that it works with the RTM version of the SDK.
I've tested it with VS2010 Ultimate & Express.

Important! This still does not handle tombstoning!
Until it does, this should be considered proof of concept only and is definitely not production ready.
Unfortunately support for tombstoning is going to require a very big change to the structure of the existing code and will impact all the JS/C# interop.
However, as I've found the time to fix the code referenced above that shows I'm working through my to-do list and getting closer to finding/having the time to make the big change.


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