Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Incorrect shortcut icon in start menu

Had an issue with an InstallShield 11 created installer.

One of the installed shortcuts was displaying a `default` exe icon, rather than the one specified.

Digging in the MSI, with Orca, showed that the shortcut incorrectly had an IconIndex of 1.

The Installshield IDE displayed an icon index of 0.

Something was obviously wrong.

The "Icon" table, in XML mode, showed the problem:
It was:
<row><td>NewShortcut2_B78C30FEFEEC4393B73638863E86FFA5.exe</td><td/><td>&lt;PATH_TO_PROGRAM FILES_FILES&gt;\StatMon.exe</td><td/></row>

Instead of:

<row><td>NewShortcut2_B78C30FEFEEC4393B73638863E86FFA5.exe</td><td/> <td> &lt;PATH_TO_PROGRAM FILES_FILES&gt;\StatMon.exe</td><td>0</td></row>

The IDE was showing a different value, if none was specified, than was put into the MSI.

Hope this helps save someone a headache in the future. ;)


  1. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Thanks, this one helped me a lot! For those of you building in InstallShield who haven't downloaded Orca to mess around with your tables, the shortcut table can be directly edited using just Install Shield under Additional Tools -> Direct Editor -> Shortcut

  2. Orca is an amazing tool, but can't (AFAIK) be scripted so for changes to automated builds it doesn't help, but is invaluable in finding problems. MSIDiff is great too.


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