Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone Day

Today is iPhone day. Well the day they become available in the US.
Enough has been said about the iPhone to fill an awful lot of somethings, but I'm going to use the opportunity to talk about Safari.
When Safari for Windows was announced there was lots of speculation about why Apple would do this.
While there is an argument for it being a way to show Windows users what Apple products are like and maybe convert some to Macs. I think that the [main] reason for releasing a version of Safari that runs on Windows is to increase application compatibility with websites and Safari. In turn this leads to a better UX for anyone using Safari: most Mac users and all iPhone users.

Just think of all the websites that don't display properly on in Safari or just flat out even refuse to try to work. With Safari for Windows presenting exactly the same output as the Mac version, developers no longer need a Mac to test their sites. Because OSX couldn't be vitalized, the cost of Safari compatibility udes to be the cost of a Mac. Now it's the cost of downloading a few Mb.


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