Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Windows 10 as a meal

Imagine Windows 10 as a meal.
It's a pretty special meal, so let's consider it a banquet.

symmetrical gluttonyNow, if you look at what we have in Windows 10 so far it might seem a bit disappointing.
Here's the thing though. If Windows 10 is a banquet, what we've had already is just an appetizer. It might be considered a very nice appetizer. You may consider it better than the appetizers you've had before, but it's an appetizer, or first course at best, none the less. Don't mistake it for the full banquet.
This is just the starter. The really good stuff is yet to come.

Like a banquet with many courses, we're not going to get all of Windows 10 at once.
We're going to get familiar things like a new mobile operating system. We'll have specialist foods like an IOT platform and we'll have strange, exotic new things like Surface Hub and HoloLens. Then we'll round it all off with a playful XBox dessert.
Now that sounds like a much better meal.

If what we've got so far is great for you, enjoy. Dig in.
If you want to wait a while and see what is yet to come then that's ok too. You don't want to fill up on bread.

I think that it's future meals that will be where things get really interesting. It seems a bit like Microsoft have spent the last few years rebuilding the same platforms over and over again. If Windows 10 is the OS for the next few years (at least) then we can look to some polish coming in future. Give an expert chef some time with a certain recipe or set of ingredients and they should be able to come up with something fantastic. ;)

Like all analogies this is obviously flawed, but hopefully useful. Let me know your thoughts of Windows 10 so far.


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