Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looking at the AdDuplex data differently: Treating variants the same

If there are two variants of a phone: for example one that takes one sim card and the other two; or one version that supports LGT and one that doesn't. Are they really different devices?

Each month, AdDuplex releases stats based on the devices that it serves ads to. You'll find July's stats here.

In looking through the data, it made me wonder if the device variants were really that different. What if we considered the Lumia 520, 521 and 525 as the same. And of course the 630 & 635. And the 530 & 535. etc. etc.
So I rehashed the data to combine the Lumia figures ignoring the last number and replacing it with an 'X'

Here's the impact on the top ten most popular devices.
Make of it what you will.

So, it's still all 5's and 6's.
The 64X is higher than I would have expected.
The 1320 is a nice surprise too.

Yes, you may quibble over whether the 640 & 640XL should be considered the same or claim that 928/Icon is more like the 930 than the 920 but here we are. If you can come up with a really convincing argument for me to adjust accordingly I might be persuaded ;)


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