Wednesday, March 09, 2011

#WP7Dev app feedback #6

Here's the feedback I recently gave to the creator of an app.

This is part of my series of app reviews.

In summary, I said it was "a nice app which is well executed".

Here's the feedback:

  • It would be nice if the main screen would remember the selected panorama item after being tombstoned.
  • When viewing items and swiping from side to side, there's no indicator of when the end of the list of items has been reached.
  • When viewing an item, tapping it to return to the main menu was, initially, unexpected and caused me to accidentally navigate backwards several times. Especially/even when scrolling down.
  • If viewing the item summaries for a single category, it's not clear what I'm navigating between when I swipe from side to side.
  • If viewing an item and the app is tombstoned, I would expect the app to display that item again when I navigate back to it.
  • If only one category is configured, on the first panorama item, is it necessary to have the "all items" option as well as the category.
  • In trial mode, it's possible to view articles of featured items, but not other items. This inconsistency was surprising.
  • When adding a new feed it would be good to also add this to a new category, not just select from existing ones.
  • When adding/editing a feed, is a cancel option really necessary? Can you not just rely on the back button to perform a cancel action?
  • When adding a category the entered text is required to be at least 2 characters long. This includes spaces. This means that it's possible to create categories made just of spaces.
  • The detecting of duplicate category names also doesn't include spaces at the start or end of the entered text which means that duplicates can, seemingly, appear to be created.
  • When a featured item is selected but the main progress bar is still being displayed, this appears over the top of the popup.
  • When a featured item is marked as read from the popup all featured items are reanimated. This takes time and makes the app seem unresponsive and means it's hard to quickly view multiple featured items and mark them read at the same time.
  • In the email created from the about screen, you may want to include the version number of the application. This will likely be helpful to you when investigating any reported error or problem. (Especially if someone is reporting a bug you think is fixed.)


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