Tuesday, March 08, 2011

#WP7Dev app feedback #5

Here's the feedback I recently gave to the creator of an app.

This is part of my series of app reviews.

In summary, I said it was "a simple, well executed app".

Here's the feedback:

  • On the main/menu page I would disable scrolling of the options/list as everything fits on the screen without needing to scroll.
  • When searching the word list it would be good to indicate when no words match the entered text. This is generally preferable to just leaving a blank screen as it makes it clear that there are no results to display.
  • Add tombstoning support to the search function so that on returning to the application it looks as it did when the user navigated away.
  • When using the next and previous buttons to navigate, I would recommend either making the list wrap around (so that selecting previous from the first item goes to the last item-and vice versa) or disable the previous button when on the first word and the next button when on the last word.
  • In the list, there is uneven capitalization of the first words in sentences.
  • In the list, most (but not all) of the sentences that span multiple lines appear to have a space before the first word. This creates an inconsistent left margin.
  • In the "XXXXX" display, the list is very long and may benefit from using a "long list selector" as in other places in the app.
  • In the "Test Yourself" mode, the page title says "test #N of 20" but it's really it's "question" number N, not "test" number N. I'd recommend changing the text to just be "N of 20".
  • In the "Test Yourself" mode, restrict the clickable space between options to prevent the chances of accidentally selecting an option other than the one intended. With this change it would be possible to remove the need to confirm (apply) the selected option. I find the confirmation step a bit frustrating.
  • If I back out of a test I am prompted to confirm that I wish to make this action as my progress will be lost but if I go back into this option my position in the test is remembered.
  • When the results of the test are displayed there is no clear indication of what the user should do next. How about adding options to try another test or returning to the main menu? I know that the back button can be used to return to the main menu and it's normally a bad idea to duplicate the number of ways you can perform the same navigation but there is currently a dead end. Adding instructions to the page to use the back button to navigate back to the main menu would take up more space and take longer to read than tappable text to do the navigation directly.
  • On the about screen, I would recommend increasing the tappable area around the URL for your website so that it is easier to tap.


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