Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heroes Happen Here - notes

Quite light on note taking, but...

Regarding compatibility:
  • me.exe for extracting and embedding manifests from/in assemblies
  • IIS7 doesn't have a metabase, so installers which try and use it will fail.
  • The local admin account on Windows Server 2008 has UAC disabled.
  • Don't create programs to manipulate configuration files, create MMC Snap-ins.

Regarding Smart Client development:
  • When adding new functionality (such as WPF elements) interop with existing code, don't rewrite.
  • Build an ecosystem through extensibility (X-ref this post from coding horror.)
  • Embrace the Software plus Services model for occasionally connected apps.
  • Integrate with Office, where possible, rather than make a completely new app.


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