Friday, March 14, 2008

Enso Launcher: some thoughts and comments

I think Enso is brilliant. I think you should get it. It's even now FREE, so you have no excuses.

Unfortunately, I've encountered quite a few errors while using it and my emails to the support address keep bouncing, so I'll share my comments here.

For all it's good points there are a few quirks that I've noticed:

Tab completion:
As a productivity tool, it is great to see that it employs tab completion, to save typing. However, it doesn't work like I expect or want it to.
Let's say I want to open 'SQL Server Management Studio'.
Hold down [Caps Lock], type [O], [Tab], [S], [Q].

I'd expect pressing [Tab] again to complete the word 'SQL'. Like this:
But, it doesn't. It completes the entire selected option.
This behaviour means that (by my reckoning) I end up having to type more that necessary (in some instances) to launch programs.
A word highlighting bug
Because of the above behaviour, I've learnt that the quickest way to launch 'SQL Server Management Studio' is to hold down [Caps Lock], and type [O], [Tab], [S], [E], [R], [V], [E], [R], [space], [M].
Look what happens to the highlighting when I do.
It seems that there is a bug in the word highlighting when you type a word other that the first which starts with some of the same letters as the first (or an earlier) word.

When an exception is encountered it does a good job of capturing information about the problem, so hopefully they can fix it.
It seems strange though (according to the text of the message below) that the script behind the error submission page can't tell if I've filled in an email address though. ('IF' you left your email address!?)


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