Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Power of Praying Together : Stormie OMartian with Jack Hayford

"It is God's will to wait for our invitation. If we pray and invite God's
soverign power to manifest in earth's suffering and pain, then He will
move in power. Then His kingdon will enter our lives and our circumstances
and work on earth what He has willed in heaven. When we understand this, it
will inspire us to pray as we have never prayed before."


"What happens when a person lets his body boss him around, whether it's
sensually, sexually or in any other dimension, is that he begins to be ruled by
something other than the power by which he was created to be ruled." ...
"Fasting is a way of saying 'I'm a spirit being before I'm a physical being. I'm
physical, so I need to eat, but I'm spiritual too, so I'll sometimes assert
the supremacy of my spiritual allegiance beyond and before my allegiance to my
body and it's cry.' Fasting is an instrument that cripples the power of
spiritual and evil forces in the realm of darkness so they cannot sustain their
grip on human life, minds and circumstances."


"God accepted us the way we were, but He certainly wasn't going to leave us that



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