Thursday, February 28, 2008

MMMUG February 2008 - Notes

These are my notes from the MM&M UG UK meeting earlier this week with presentations by Jason Langridge. It was my second time at the UG and very enjoyable it was again too.

SilverLight coming to Windows Mobile (what version of SilverLight though?)
Office Communicator on Windows Mobile - for IM

Exchange 2007 SP1 - 33% reduction in bandwidth, due to protocol improvements

Windows Mobile "Next"
- Available soon (April?)
- Devices and updates immediately available
- Hardware lock-down capabilities
- OMA DM compliant

System Centre Mobile Device Manager
- Enables:
-- Device management
-- Security
-- Mobile VPN

Full OTA provisioning
- software distribution

Remote wipe, without Exchange
- hard reset the device and format the storage device

Mobile VPN - allows tunnelling of all HTTP(S) traffic through the corporate network

Requires 2 64bit servers to implement (Mobile Gateway (for VPN) & Management Server (for SCMDM))
- Support for up to 10,000 users
- Designed fro 250+ users

Mobile VPN
- Maintains application connectivity during changes between network

After enrolment of device (via SSL) all traffic goes through VPN

IPsec tunnel, using IKEv2.

Jason's Slides for the event (or very similar) can be found here.


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