Monday, February 21, 2022

Why I wrote (and you should buy) a book about Uno Platform when there are free resources available

The Uno Platform team recently published a list of resources for anyone wanting to learn about the Uno Platform.

Uno Platform - Beginners Guide

Of course, the book I wrote with Marcel is on the list

But why pay for a book when there are free alternatives?

The immediate (and obvious) answer is that our book includes information that isn't in the other available resources. There are lots of blog posts, ebooks, and online talks (including some by me) that provide an introduction to the Uno Platform. We intentionally wanted our book to go beyond this. The first chapter is an abridged version of the contents of that other content as that is just the starting point for the real content.

Our book was written for people who wanted to know more than just the basics and build "real" software with Uno Platform.

Want to see how to do some of the things you're likely to do in a typical app? We'll show you.

Are you evaluating Uno Platform as a way to build apps? If so the book will show you how to build more than a "Hello World!" app. This will allow you to make an evaluation based on something closer to what you want to build but without having to do as much work yourself.

The book represents many months of effort. We believe the effort we put into writing the book has financial value. The time you'd take trying to learn and/or figure out the things we show in the book would cost you much more than the cover price of the book. 

The book also isn't for everyone. If all you want is a high-level overview, quick introduction, or a random collection of tips, tricks, and examples of things that are possible the internet has you covered. If it was just about numbers I'd have written a series of blog posts. The daily readership of this blog is higher than the number of copies I expect the book to sell. (Of course, I'd be happy to be wrong about this--and not because of a drop in blog readers 😉) If you want to see how to go beyond the basics and see what's involved in developing more complex app scenarios then the book will be of value to you.

Buy it: Amazon UK or US


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