Thursday, June 19, 2014

What apps could we create if....

The apps we consider building, consider are possible and consider as viable are determined in part by the current limitations of hardware.

In the future though many of those limitations may be gone.

What if we start building apps that ignore those limitations so they're ahead of the curve when those limitations go away.

Go back a few years and the thought of watching live TV on your mobile was crazy. But now it's commonplace. (at least in some parts of the world.)

So, what apps would you want (or want to build) if:

  • battery life wasn't an issue?
  • we had high speed connectivity all the time?
  • all devices had more disk space than you could ever fill?


  1. watch live TV on mobile phones is now so universal dock and what we can do really well. The necessary upgrades.

  2. Whats app become essential part in our life

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