Monday, June 09, 2014

Shut up and ship: A basic app

A couple of weeks ago I was helping out at the //publish/ event where the aim was to finish off (and publish) an app currently in development.
The following week, over lunch, I was talking with a bunch of people at work about how we all have half started apps that never seem to get finished.
Unsatisfied with this as the status quo, I endeavored to publish something new. And to do it as soon as I could.

With demands on my time as they are, it's taken me 3 weeks to find a total of ten hours to get it done, but get it done I have.

I'd had an idea for a game kicking around and decided that would be what I'd finish.

In the interest of time I distilled the concept of the app down to it's most basic form. The graphics are basic and there are no sound effects but, hopefully, the essence of the game is there.

I'ts a very simple concept. From the store description:
Touch the screen and your score goes up.
The longer you keep touching the faster it goes up.
Let go and your score goes down.
Touch any of the moving elements and the game is over.

Score over 20,000 and you're doing well.
Score over 100,000 and you're doing really well.
It looks like this:

Why it should work:

  • It's really easy to pick up and play
  • Really easy to learn
  • Games are short so can be played any time
  • It's deceptively simple
  • There's a lot more going on in terms of scoring and strategy than may appear at first look
  • To get a really high score requires both luck and skill

Will it be successful?
We'll see.
Let me know what you think.

It's public but hidden in the store so you can find it here.

Any and all feedback appreciated.


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