Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where should code live? Do we need lots of smart devices or just one smart device and lots of connected screens?

I don't normally link to other blogs here but this is an interesting variation of the idea I was discussing yesterday.

"This question of where the code lives also of course applies to TVs and to cars as much as to wearables. With AppleTV and Chromecast and Carplay, Apple and Google are saying that though everything is becoming a computer, actually the 'smart' part should be concentrated in the smartphone or tablet - something that's easy to update, that's replaced every couple of years, and that has a rich touch interface, and everything else should be a dumb sensor or dumb glass or both. And so the apps should only be in one place, and whether it should be an 'app' in a strictly technical sense is also up for debate."
Read the whole article from

This also raises the question of how an app handles display on multiple, varied screens. It's another idea I've been thinking about and should have some ideas to share soon.


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