Monday, March 03, 2014

Nokia-X and Android code that "just works"

Desperately trying to not sound like a Nokia apologist but here's a little thing I thought worth trying to clear up.

I've seen a number of people claim that it is rubbish that Nokia are claiming that existing Android code will just work unaltered on the new Nokia-X devices.

Here's the thing though. They're not claiming that but messages like the one above are obviously causing some confusion.

Here's what they have said (I was in the audience at the keynote-trust me)

  1. If your existing code uses maps, notifications or in-app-purchase then you'll need to make some changes.
  2. You can create a single APK package that can be submitted to both the Play store and the Nokia store. (This is how they claim a single user base.)

If you think you might need to make changes or want to check you can use their analyser to check compatibility.

But, you may argue, what if your existing app integrates directly with other Google apps or services?
Well, no, these won't port without change either. But then you'll have the same issues trying to run on any other version of Android that doesn't come with the Google Play store (e.g. Kindle, Nook, etc.) too.


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