Monday, August 26, 2013

What are the essentials I need to know for Windows 8.1?

Windows 8.1 is coming.
Masses of information was released after BUILD but there's too much of it.
Where's the quick guide for developers who have already built for Windows8 and now need to look to update those apps for the changes in 8.1?

In the situation of having 8.0 apps in the store, how do I quickly get them ready for 8.1 with minimal fuss?

At the moment I know I need to do the following, but is there anything else to do too?
  • How to support the new/different tile formats/layouts?
  • How to manage the changes around having a separate snapped view? 

  • How to do this and still support 8.0? Do I need two version of the app or one that can do both?

  • What else?

I haven't got time to go through all the masses of information that's been released how do I do this quickly?


  1. Take a look at Lee Stott's post which links to Microsoft's white paper on migrating your existing Window s8 apps to Windows 8.1:

  2. Where's the fast information for designers who have already designed for Windows8 and now need to look to upgrade those applications for the changes in 8.1? In the scenario of having 8.0 applications in the shop, how do I easily get them prepared for 8.1 with little fuss?

  3. @mightystudents I haven't found an equivalent design related doc. The nearest I've seen is probably


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