Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Migrating websites between Windows Azure subscriptions

Ages ago I set up an Azure 3-month trial subscription. More recently (although still over a year ago - I can't remember exactly when) I set up my MSDN subscription. I've added various services to both.
With the recent restructuring of the MSDN Azure benefits I reviewed how much I was spending on the different subscriptions and discovered I would be better off by moving the services that were still on the trial subscription to the MSDN one.

Unfortunately it wasn't straight forward.

I moved most services over but there is no way to migrate websites or mobile services yourself.

It is necessary to make a support request to ask for the services to be moved between subscriptions.

After much back and forth I was informed that they couldn't move the websites.

That's right.
You can't move websites between subscriptions yourself.
Microsoft can't move websites between subscriptions, if the destination subscription already contains websites, without introducing problems: (emphasis and grammar theirs)
"Please note that, currently we have issues while migration services, if the source and destination subscriptions have websites and the migration leads the websites to an inconsistent state."

So what's the lesson here?
If you're wanting to get off a trial subscription (maybe because you're just starting to use an MSDN subscription) be aware of this limitation. Move (or have Microsoft move) any websites before you add any more to the new subscription yourself.

Because of the above I was forced to delete the websites from the old subscription and then recreate them again on the new one.

Hope this information helps someone avoid having to delete and recreate their websites.


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