Monday, March 26, 2012

Think mobile at DDD South West

DDD South West - 26 May 2012

If you're not aware of the DDD (or Developer Developer Developer) series of community events then you've missed out. They provide a great opportunity to learn what's new in the .Net community. Or, officially:
DDD South West is a free one day technical event for developers. It is a day of learning, discussing, contributing and being part of the community in the South West. Our goal is to provide free technical education, the opportunity to mix with peers and to make and develop relationships in the .NET industry.

If you're interested in going to the event then I'd love to be able to talk to you about how an understanding of developing for mobile provides a great gounding for developing for other (non desktop/PC) platforms too. If you'd like to hear it that means voting for my session once you've registered/logged in to the site.

If you're undecided then let me make 2 points.
  • When I've talked about this subject before (at DevEvening, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Dundee & Aberdeen - either on it's own or as part of an introduction to Windows Phone development)  it's always proved really popular, prompted lots of positive feedback and people have been helped to think about new things or think about things in new ways which they've found helpful.
  • A full day of technical content can be very challenging and tiring. Sometimes it's useful to take a bit of a break and just listen without having to follow along while someone writes code or explain complex new concepts. Let this session be a welcome break in your day at DDDSW.


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