Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ideas of March | #IdeasOfMarch

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I like blogs.
I read the titles of hundreds of blog articles each day and usually end up reading dozens of posts.

There are 2 main reasons (that I can think of right now) that I like blogs though:

1. I like how anyone can write a blog. Yes, even little old me. Blogs have allowed me to read the thoughts, ideas, experiments, plans and more of hundreds of people. And I'd never have even heard of or met most of them if it wasn't for their blog.
Not that this means I think everyone should write a blog though. And yes, I include myself again there sometimes. ;)

2. Blogs are probably the way I learn most new things in the software development world. Yeah, StackOverflow is probably up there too, but all the important and useful information in software dev seems to come from individuals experiences and not from official documentation. I'm certain that if no-one was blogging I'd spend more of my time fumbling through badly orgainsed and ill structured documentation.

Thank you bloggers of the world.


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