Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My StackOverflow DevDays countdown app - Version 3

We'll now I'm at version 3.0 of my countdown app for DevDays it should be ready for use ;)

For reference:Version 1 - Version 2

This version was created to address the follwoing issues:
  • Optimized for screen resolution of 1024x768
  • Fixed issue with calculating displayed tweet display height
  • Removed hardcoding of sponsor images - they're now loaded from a 'Sponsors' folder on startup. This is to enable easily adding new ones.
  • Removed hardcoding of tweets displayed when nothing new tweeted or no internet connection available. - These are now loaded from an XML file. This allows customisation of the displayed messages.
  • Defaulted start time to countdown to 9am if started before then. If started after then the timer defaults to 5 minutes. (This only applies if no cmdline parameters passed.)
  • Fixed the order that tweets are loaded so oldest are shown first.
  • Fixed positioning of twitter profile images.
  • Also a few other minor fixes.

Source - Compiled binaries - Installer

Now it's even better, please vote for it. ;)

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  1. Version 3.1 now available

    Source at: http://mrlacey.co.uk/misc/source-3.1.zip

    Compiled version at: http://mrlacey.co.uk/misc/Release-3.1.zip

    Have now fixed:
    - Running from a different working directory.
    - Have changed the loading of tweets on app start. As a delay in connecting to the twitter API was blocking the UI thread. How timely. Anyone got any duct tape?
    - Have also had to update the TweetSharp library (to preview 15) as the twitter API was changed yesterday and may have breaking changes effects on new tweets.
    - Now using the fail whale icon when informing about failing to connect to twitter


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