Monday, September 21, 2009

Holiday scam? - 0800 988 9900

Incase anyone else receives a call saying they have won a holiday after completing a questionnaire over the phone:

Just had a phone call telling me I'd won a holiday after answering a questionnaire over the phone - I never do and find polite ways of hanging up on market researchers.

Using a technique which just sounds really suspicious, they told me I'd won a holiday for 4 to a European destination which I could take in the next 18 months. I just had to call a number they gave me (0800 988 9900) and quote a reference. When asked why, they said they weren't legally allowed to ask for my address!? and I had to call some other department who would take my address details and send me some information. They also (indirectly) said I had 5 minutes to make the call as the department closed shortly (called at 19:55 and said shut at 20:00). - This may have just been coinsidence though.

It sounded REALLY dodgy - so I did what all geeks would!

From the results of the search here: I won't be following up and I'd think twice before you did too.

Do people really go for this? - The psychological tricks seem so basic!
Are people more likley to fall for this in a recession?


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