Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book Notes: Mobile as the 7th of the Mass Media

Eric Schmidt = "Google's future depends on the next internet, on celphones."

Mobile = Magical?

The 6 M's of  Mobile Service
  • Movement - beyond the fixed place
  • Moment - the concept of time
  • Me - expressing yourself
  • Multi-user - share with friends
  • Money - Spend it
  • Machines - Automation
"make no mistake about it, mobile is not the dumb little brother of the internet."
Like TV is to radio, soon so too the movile will be to the internet

Mobile is not fixed internet on phones

Screen size:
Laptop (14") = 27x20cm = 540cm2
Nokia N-Series (2.5") = 4.2x3.6cm = 15cm2
36 times the size : 3% of the size

cinema : tv = 379 times the size

Mobile internet user base by age
56% 34 or under
26% age 35-54
18% 55 or under

Phone input is superior?
Yes a full keyboard can be faster but 12 keys can allow for fast entry
2D Barcode entry?

Packed full of Radio gear?
Quad band GSM
WCDMA/HSDPA - (3[.5]G)
FM receiver
Bluetooth transmitter
WiFi Transmitter
GPS receiver
TV receiver?

1.3 billion internet users.
67% use mobile and/or PC/laptop
33% only PC/laptop

iPhone - the transition to wider adoption is underway
- tipping point?

"The users on cellphones are often in a hurry, multi-tasking, and the usage on cellphones tends to be of shorter duration thann on the PC."

PCs for heavy usage. However data revenues are larger for mobile.

Power/functionality of devices driving changes. - And advertisment of features.

PCs replaced roughly every 3.5 years - Mobiles replaced roughly every 18 months.

"Our thinking is guided by what we know"

Henry Ford - 'If people were asked what they wanted when cars were being introduced, they would have said they wanted a faster horse'

"Over the next ten years at least, both (mobile & fixed internet) will co-exist and grow, and a healthy business can grow upon either - or both."

Mobile internet benefits:
  • Personal
  • Permanently carried
  • Always on
  • Built-in payment channel
  • Available at creative impulse
  • Best audience info
  • Captures social context

Value of paid content on the internet in 2007 = $25 Billion
Value of paid content on MOBILE in 2007 = $31 Billion

'People pay for premium bottled water - You can definitely convince internet users to pay for content and services that once used to be free.'

The 8 c's of Cellphones
  • Communicate
  • Consume
  • Charging
  • Commercials
  • Create
  • Community
  • Cool
  • Control (remote)
supercomputer in your pocket.

"Everything can always be simplified and made more delightful to use"

"Everything that can be mobile will be mobile"

Internet access in 2007:
Mobile only - 31%
Mobile & PC - 31%
PC only - 38%

2008 (from the almanac)
Mobile only - 32%
Mobile & PC - 46%
PC only - 28%

PC Internet
  • smaller internet
  • dumb pipe
  • cumbersome web
  • poor internet
  • occasional internet
  • legacy internet

Mobile Internet
  • bigger internet
  • smart internet
  • efficient web
  • money internet
  • ubiquitous internet
  • next internet


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