Saturday, October 04, 2008

Dev Evening 13 Nov - What to expect (+registration now open)

On the 13th of November I will be giving my first user group presentation. If you know me you've probably guessed that it will be about Windows Mobile.
Here's a synopsis:
It won't be a case of me showing how to develop for the Windows Mobile platform. (Microsoft already have already created enough resources like that.)
Rather, I'll point out the key things you need to know to develop applications which will be better received by users.

Along the way I'll show some of the tools available for mobile development. (For those who may be have not done it before.) Plus, I'll also point out some key lessons for those not developing for mobile devices, but are also relevant for those developing for the desktop or the web.

If you would like to come, you can register here.
There will also be a talk by Ian Pettman on SQL Server 2008.


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