Monday, September 29, 2008

Installshield: Change product name, but not MSI file name

Want to change the product name of an installer but not change the MSI file name?
BTW. If you change the MSI file name you may break upgrades!
Simply change the product name and then under release, specify the 'MSI Package file name' to be the old product name. (the MSI file name defaults to the product name, if not explicitly specified.)


  1. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Thanks, Matt! Previous developer named the product BlahBlah_V1.0. So for version 2.0, I wanted to change the product name to BlahBlah, but had been given a vague warning that sometimes changing the product name messed up the upgrades. Now I know why!

  2. Rob
    Glad to have been of assistance.

  3. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks a lot! That's what I have searched.

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  5. Anonymous4:19 pm

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  6. Anonymous8:21 pm

    This was a good solution for me. I renamed the Product Name in the General view and within the Releases view (as mentioned in the blog) and then wrote in the old .msi name in the 'MSI Package file name' field. It properly renamed my dialogs except for the message in the middle of the first one where it says which .msi file it is extracting. I was thinking maybe there is a way to suppress that message but I haven't found it yet.