Usability Matters: Mobile-first UX for developers and other accidental designers

Usability Matters: Mobile-first UX for Developers and other Accidental Designers.

"At last! A systematic treatment of the many different aspects involved in designing an app that people can use intuitively."

This book is my attempt to help you to create better, more successful apps. It's platform-agnostic, with examples from iOS, Android, and Windows apps, but most of the principles apply to more than mobile and more than apps. Learn a new way of thinking about software and creating applications people will love using.

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Want more convincing? Here's what one reader said and it's what I want people to understand.:
"This book teaches that mobile application design is not as simple as just throwing together some code. In order to be successful there is a great deal of research and design that should happen up front before a line of code has been written."


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