Usability Matters: Practical UX for developers and other accidental designers

I'm writing a book. As you can hopefully see from the image above, it's called Usability Matters: Practical UX for Developers and other Accidental Designers.

It's not finished (yet) but that doesn't mean you can't buy it now. As part of the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) you can get access to the chapters as they're written. This is good if you're really keen to read it as soon as possible. It also means you get a chance to provide feedback on what I'm writing. Let me know if you think I've missed anything important or got something wrong.
Or you could just buy it now and wait for it to be finished and then you'll get the finished product.

Get it from and use promo code 39lacey for 39% off.

Want more convincing? Here's what one reader said and it's what I want people to understand.:
"This book teaches that mobile application design is not as simple as just throwing together some code. In order to be successful there is a great deal of research and design that should happen up front before a line of code has been written."
This book is my attempt to help you to create better, more successful apps.


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