Friday, March 29, 2024

How can you make manual testing easier?

 I found this still in the printer when I bought my early morning coffee the other day.

Printout with all different supported text options displayed

It reminded me of a time when I used to have 5 (yes, five) different printers on my desk (well, on a table next to it) to enable testing support for all the different and specific label printers the software I worked on had to support.

More importantly, it reminded me of the importance of making it as easy as possible to manually test things that can only (practically) be manually tested.

I assume the above output is intended to verify that the printer is working correctly.
I also assume it's used at the start of each day to verify (check) that the printer (in this case, on the automated checkout) is working correctly.

That printout is currently stuck up in front of my desk. It's a reminder to myself to regularly ask:

What could I do to make this easier to test?


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