Friday, November 11, 2022

Template Studio for .NET MAUI

 Except it's not called that.

Introducing MAUI App Accelerator.

It's a Visual Studio extension that helps accelerate the creation of new .NET MAUI applications.

After installing the extension, when you create a new app and after specifying the name and location for the project/solution, a 5-step wizard is displayed that allows you to include the pages, features, and functionality that you want.

The goal is to make it simpler and faster to get started with the app you want. It does this by reducing the amount you have to delete from a newly created project and adding more things you want to add. It should save you lots of time when creating a new app and help provide a structure to the codebase that will help you on the path to success.

As a bonus, it also allows you to see different features, functionality, and ways of writing code

Wizard step 1 - pick the version of the .NET Framework to use

Wizard step 2 - Do you want to use MVVM or Code behind?

Wizard step 3 - What do you want the navigation system for the app to be?

Wizard Step 4 - What pages should be included in the app?

Wizard Step 5 - Any other features or functionality to add?

There are lots more features and options I want to add.

Some of these ideas are documented on GitHub. Please add issues with any ideas you have of things you think should be included.

My GitHub sponsors helped make this possible. You can see some of them (i.e. not the ones who made their sponsorship private) credited in the wizard. 

If this is helpful and you want to help support more development, please consider becoming a sponsor.

And as a bonus, I created this little goat icon for it. :)

Goat icon


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