Saturday, May 07, 2022

Why some things never get better

So, imagine you're dealing with a technical problem. 

There's no specific tooling to help with your scenario.

You can muddle through but everything feels harder than you'd like. 

There are a few simple tools or features that would make this much easier. They'd handle the need to do complicated things manually and avoid errors that are easily made when doing things manually.

But, this thing you thought was going to be easy has turned out to be harder and more time-consuming than you had planned for.

You're now frustrated and behind. 

You just need to get this done and move onto the next thing.

You can't justify the time to work on tooling as well as solving the problem immediately in front of you.

The whole thing has become so frustrating that you just want to get it fixed so you can move onto the next task and not have to think about it again.

You certainly don't want to spend more time thinking deeply about the issue. As would be needed if building a tool to help with it.

So you move on to the next thing.

Maybe, you think, you'll come back to this once the initial pain has passed and work on the tooling that will be useful for yourself in the future and for other people too.

But you're busy.

Other things have a higher priority. Plus, you can't fully remember the pain you felt previously. Maybe it wasn't that bad. Maybe someone else will have made something to help when you have to work on something similar in the future.

And so you don't create that tool.

Sometimes things only get better when you take it upon yourself to deal with extra pain so that others don't have to.

Sadly, I'm not able to handle as much of that extra pain or as frequently as I'd like. :(



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