Friday, March 11, 2022

Matt's Template Studio for UWP, WPF, & WinUI (C#)


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I'm still busy migrating my experimental port of Windows Template Studio of Visual Studio 2022 to the official repo. (See the progress here.)

In the meantime, today I've released updates for my versions of the extensions. Please download and try them out. Help me find any last bugs or issues. These latest versions include lots of bug fixes and improvements. My versions will be where I try out new ideas and provide features and options that aren't likely to ever end up in the official Windows/Microsoft version.

To help distinguish my versions from the soon-to-be-released official versions, I've renamed my versions. Hopefully, this will avoid any possible confusion and help more people realize the effort I've put into this. (Lots of people think I'm being paid by Microsoft to do this.)

These wonderful people helped make this possible. Will you consider joining them?

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