Friday, December 03, 2021

I'm updating (most of) my Visual Studio extensions to support VS022

screenshot showing a selection of my extensions in the VS marketplace

Visual Studio 2022 has a lot of changes and new features.

The biggest one for me is that most extensions that supported earlier versions are not 100% compatible with this new version.

This means creating a new version of each extension that I want to be available on both VS2019 and VS2022.

Due to the way that I'm creating new versions (I have my reasons), it's possible that you can install two different versions on VS2019.

Visual Studio 2019 'Manage Extensions' window showing duplicate installed entries

If you have multiple versions of an extension installed, you should uninstall the one that doesn't have "(2019)" at the end. If you're only using VS2022 then you won't see this.

For the most part, having both installed shouldn't be a problem but it might lead to some duplication of output or other strange behavior. I recommend you delete the older version. 

I haven't yet made VS2022 versions of all the extensions available yet. For the ones I haven't done yet, I have a (private) list for the order in which I will change them. Ones with more requests (especially from my GitHub sponsors) get top priority. Not all will be made available on VS2022 and some will take longer to do due to the complexities of migrating the code. If there's something you're curious about (want sooner), open an issue on the appropriate GitHub repository or send me a message.

I'm also using the process of reviewing and updating these extensions to add a prompt to try and encourage more of you to become a sponsor. Sponsor me any amount, either as a one-off on a recurring basis and I'll tell you how to make sure you never see this prompt again. Other sponsor benefits are planned for the future too. ;)

Example of the prompt requesting sponsorship

If you're curious, I might share how effective this is, but early feedback has been positive.


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