Friday, May 28, 2021

Free t-shirts for XAML developers

 Today I got to celebrate the Rapid XAML Toolkit officially reaching 1500 installs. 

partial screenshot of the VS marketplace showing 1500 user installs for Rapid XAML Toolkit
(It has more users than this but that discussion can be for another day.)

I was also reminded I still have this box of t-shirts under my desk since the start of last year and obviously haven't been able to give them away at the conferences I was originally planning to.

Bok of blue t-shirts with the Rapid XAML logo

So, let's have a give-away.

I have t-shirts and a desire to improve and promote my tools.

You have an interest in obtaining a t-shirt and ideas that may help me improve the tool.

How's about this:

To enter the draw for a t-shirt:

Then on June 10th 2021, I'll randomly pick some people who've created issues and send them t-shirts.

Obviously, the goal here is for me to gain some useful new feature requests or suggestions. I'm also interested in how people are using the toolkit and so if you don't have any ideas for new features it's also useful for me to know how it's being used (telemetry is deliberately very limited) so please share what you've done with it or how it's helped.

I couldn't possibly say if leaving a positive (5⭐) review in the marketplace will help your chances of winning, but it definitely won't hurt ;)


  1. This is for fun and to help me tidy my "office"
  2. Any created issues that don't contain useful (as I determine it) details will be excluded from the draw.
  3. The number of winners will depend on the number of entries and the number of t-shirts I have (I don't know right now) 
  4. Maximum of one prize per person but feel free to make multiple feature requests.
  5. The selection of winners will be as "random" as I can easily manage.
  6. Winners will be notified once and will have a limited amount of time to claim their prize. (I'm not going to chase winners indefinitely.)
  7. I'll pay postage. Import duty, taxes, or anything once I've posted it are on you.
  8. Don't like how this giveaway is being run? Tough.
  9. If this is successful I may do this again. No promises.


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