Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Why web wrappers are a great start for Windows 10 desktop apps

As a subject that comes up regularly, I thought I'd post about this.

Remember, not all apps are the same.
They're not all created by people with the same knowledge or skills.
They're not all created with the same goals in mind.

Having a "web wrapper" (an app that is little--if anything--more than a WebView pointing to a website) can be a great option if:

  1. If all you want from the app is a way to put the same content as the website in an enclosed desktop experience.
  2. If it's a sensible business decision based on desired goals and available resources.
  3. If the decision was not made purely based on technical abilities or developer preference.
  4. If it's that or nothing.
  5. If the experience of the packaged web content is appropriately tested.
  6. If it takes advantage of running in that environment and adjusts web-based behaviors that don't make sense when running as an app.
  7. If an installable PWA wouldn't be better.
  8. If not doing it just to be able to say, "we have an app."


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