Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Microsoft want to know if Rapid XAML Toolkit functionality is useful

The Rapid XAML Toolkit is a developer tool I've been working on but haven't been very good (yet) at promoting.

It does a few things, including providing the ability to generate XAML for a [view]model and provide additional issue detection with code fixes, the way Roslyn Code Analysis does with C# (& VB.Net).

Anyway, as they do from time to time, Microsoft is currently carrying out a developer survey relating to Data Binding to data in Windows Desktop Applications.

There's a very interesting option for an answer to one of the questions (image below)

Which, if any, of these items would help with application development? [ ] Generation of XAML templates from data model with bindings to properties

That's one of the things that you can already do with the Rapid XAML Toolkit!
And the Rapid XAML Toolkit is hosted in a Microsoft owned repository!

Clearly, RXT needs better promotion within the Visual Studio tooling team. I'll get on that, and you can help too.

If you develop Desktop apps, build with XAML, or otherwise work with databases on Windows, please fill out the survey, and be sure to select the option above.


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