Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What if I enable developer mode, install an app and then disable developer mode?

This question came up on our webinar this afternoon.

What happens if you put a device in developer mode, install an app as a developer and then turn off developer mode? Can you still use the app?

I didn't know, so I tried it:

  • I put a device (phone) in developer mode.
  • I then deployed an app from Visual Studio to a phone.
  • The app ran fine when launched from the apps list or the pinned main tile.
  • I then disabled developer mode.
  • When trying to run the app again it would not start. Nothing happened when tapping the app (in the list) or the tile. No message, nothing.

Based on the current preview build (10135) you cannot use an app installed through the developer tools once developer mode has been disabled.

*Update* - apparently the lack of message when the app doesn't start is a bug that will be addressed ;)


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