Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why you should always set an end date on your advertising campaign

If you've ever advertised on AdDuplex you've hopefully had an email that contains the following:
Thank you for advertising on AdDuplex!

Your AdDuplex campaign has come to an end. Please visit the client area to extend the campaign or start a new one.

Why is this important?
It's important because you'll get an email like this when you reach the end date of your advertising campaign.

So, why is having an end date important?
If you don't set an end date for your campaign it will run until you run out of credit. (If you later top up your credit without disabling the campaign it will start again automatically.)

The real reason though, is so you don't forget about your campaign.

You should not just start your campaign and forget about it, or ignore it.
At the very least, setting a short end date will mean you get an email telling you the campaign has finished. When you receive this you can go and look at the statistics of the campaign, see how successful it was, make appropriate adjustments and then restart it.
Of course you can analyse and adjust before the campaign ends but I find that having an end date set acts as a useful buffer in case something comes up and I forget to check.

I'm guessing that you'd consider yourself a developer more than an advertising expert. As such I think it's fair and reasonable to assume that the copy you write for your advert(s) won't automatically be the best converting copy it could possibly be. As such you'll need to experiment to find what works best for you.

Don't just create your campaign and leave it. Experiment with different copy. Try different  value propositions and calls to action. Try things out. Measure what works and evolve your adverts.
You should be able to improve your CTR with relatively little work.

Some more on this soon....


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